Brice Creek

April 26, 2003

After five days of continuous rain the Brice Creek hikers caught a break and we had a fairly nice day to hike. There was occasional sun with just a few light sprinkles. One of the benefits of all that rain was impressive waterfalls and some beautiful wildflowers. The nine hikers started at the east end of the Brice Creek trail and hiked until we got to the Upper Trestle Falls. We all enjoyed standing behind that thundering waterfall and getting our pictures taken, wet hair and all. On to the Lower Trestle Falls and lunch beside the creek. We could have stayed longer to watch the water roar by, but we had miles to go and wildflowers to see. And did we see wildflowers. Trillium, Calypso, Iris, Fawn Lily (perhaps Fairy Slipper?) and many others that we all attempted to identify. Thanks to Nola Nelson for imparting her knowledge of the area’s history. She grew up in this area and her grandfather was in charge of generating electricity for the hotel that once operated at Lund Park. After exiting at the west end of the trail we shuttled the cars and were just headed back to Eugene when the heavens opened and it just poured rain. What luck! Hikers included Tack Ishido, Nola Nelson, Chisako Sakai, Iwo Tojasiewic, and Obsidians Max Brown, Helen Ligouri, Carol Petty, Tina Rain, and Joanne Ledet, leader.

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