Mt. Thielsen Trail

April 6, 2003

Low snow year? You couldn’t tell it from the looks of the unplowed Mt. Thielsen SnoPark when we arrived a little after 10 PDT. Lee did a quick job of plowing through the foot-deep, dry (for the Cascades) powder with his car, clearing a nice, little area so we didn't have to step directly out into it.

Out on the trail the going was tough and the promised views scarce. We had only a couple glimpses through the trees of Diamond Lake and the slopes of Mt. Bailey. After 5 hours we had gotten little more than 2 miles—to that gratuitous bend in the trail that goes up to a knoll where Mt. Thielsen’s pinnacle can normally be seen. Not today, though. We were all bushed and unanimously decided to turn back. It took little more than half an hour to get back to the car at the now plowed SnoPark.

We had dry roads all the way back on the return to Eugene, and arrived before dark. Many thanks to great trail breakers John Cooper and Lee Paulus.

—Wayne Deeter, leader.

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