Shelter Cove

January 24-26, 2003

Our annual Shelter Cove overnight ski-trip did NOT have an abundance of snow for a change. We had RAIN! But we are Obsidians (yet in minority) and were unstoppable. So we bravely skied in the rain and did not realize how wet we got, but we knew a lovely Lodge, warm fireplace and showers, good food and drink, and best of all, good comradeship and further sharing were waiting for us. And it was GREAT! Our lone male played the Guitar so gentle for hours and shared so willingly in “soultalk” as well as card games. Shelter Cove is a gem, and so close to Eugene.

We had a full day of skiing in the Paulina Lake area without rain and another pleasant, sharing evening at the Lodge, while the lights from night-skiing at the Pass shone like stars through the tall trees and make us happy to “be home” in Kakanee Lodge.

Loner, the handsome, gentle resident Wolf, greeted us in his dignified way as usual, ready for a walk on the trails and accepting the beef-jerky provided by the very helpful people at the Lodge with utter calm.

Life is beautiful even when it rains!

This special group included Leona Devine, Carma Douglass, Bonnie Ledford, Patricia Neiss, Clare Tucker, Paul Zosel and the unorganized so-called leader Birgitte B. Williams, with many thoughts going to Chris Shuraleff, who canceled because “the Flu” caught her.

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