Hoodoo Ski Day

January 17, 2003

Eight members met at the Leader’s home, piled into two cars and proceeded to the Hoodoo downhill ski area where we met—by arrangement—Peter and Kitson Graham. John and Chuck took the leader’s car over to the Ray Benson x-country ski area. With no new snow, they encountered icy conditions and Chuck eventually tried the groomed Hoodoo x-country trails. The rest of us cruised the slopes in various combinations and permutations doing a mix of runs. The runs were well groomed, not bumpy, and not crowded. The weather was interesting and mostly delightful. Sitting at the top of the pass, Hoodoo often experiences more clouds and fog than the eastern side, or even the Willamette valley. On this day, we alternated between skiing in a cloud and, more often, skiing in sunshine. Frequently, it was bright sun at the top and halfway down—with the big peaks popping thru the white cloud cover below us—and then soup toward the bottom. Enjoying the day were x-country skiers John Hudson and Chuck Wagar [a brand new member] and downhillers Royal Murdock, Kitson and Peter Graham, Melody and Jim Clarkson, Peggy Mathes, Chris Stockdale, and Ed Lichtenstein [leader].

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