Mt View Loop - Ikenick SnoPark

January 11, 2003

We left Springfield hoping there would be enough snow at Ikenick to ski there, but alas, there was not. So we drove on to Ray Benson and decided to take the North Loop to the Circle Lake cutoff and on to the Island Shelter and the top of the South Loop back out to the parking lot. It was quite icy the whole way around. We stopped before arriving at Circle Lake with one member of the group suffering from low blood sugar, and ate. That seemed to help, and we pressed on to the shelter, where we stopped again and had a fire to dry out. At this point it was lightly raining. The trip back to the cars was uneventful, and the drive home was also. Trip members were Patty MacAfee, Chuck Wagar, Mel Zavodsky, Sue Wolling, Bill Johnson (leader), and non-member Becky Lipton. All were courageous in overcoming the icy conditions.

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