Three Coastal Hikes

January 1, 2003

Under overcast skies, three cars took thirteen hikers to the coast to start the new year in the best possible way. Everyone was prepared, layered from head to toe in Goretex. Needless to say the weather gods saw us and treated us accordingly. It did not rain. For the first hike we parked at Carter Lake Dunes and walk in past Taylor Lake. Once out on the dunes we followed the marker posts but did not proceed down to the beach as on an earlier scouting trip we found the trail impassable due to high water. We did a large loop southward, climbing to the top of Big Dune to enjoy the great views of the shore pines, scotch broom and miles of rolling sand dunes. Although we did see animal tracts, we were not treated to any wildlife sightings.

For our second hike to went to the Siltcoos River. After parking at Stagecoach Trailhead, we proceeded over the bridge and through Waxmyrtle campground. We followed the trail along the estuary and were treated to fabulous views. We did encounter some high water along the track but all the adventurous trekkers passed through in one way or another. Some put large plastic bags over their boots, one changed into water shoes, while some stepped on pieces of wood left by the scouting party. Lunch was enjoyed on the foredune at the beach. The sea was very rough so no whales were spotted. We picked up some driftwood and added these pieces to ease our return through the water stretches.

Our third stop was at the South Jetty in Florence. Here the leader gave each hiker a bottle of bubble liquid so everyone could blow bubbles for a happy new year. Not much blowing was necessary because the wind had picked up and was quite strong. We all climbed up and over the high foredune and walked along the beach for a while. A stop in Florence at the Dairy Queen for treats ended a great day. I want to thank all the hikers who joined me in making this a special day.

Hikers were: Daniel Delaby, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Kathy and Stewart Hoeg, Yuan Hopkins, Helen Liguori, Denny and Jeanne Schmidt, Nola Shurtleff, Michelle Tambellini, Chuck Wagner, and Sheila Ward, leader.

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