Waldo Lake/Black Meadow

September 28, 2003

There were no delays due to construction on Hwy. 58. We learned at South Waldo shelter that some improvements have been made. There is a new picnic table just outside the shelter and inside a counter top had been built to sleep two. The trail just north of Black Meadow is still faint. You need to look carefully to find the sign. Between Bingo Lake and Waldo Lake two people got stung by bees. It was the classic case where those in front stirred them up and the hikers in back paid for it! Four or five went swimming in Waldo Lake. Like usual, it was warm in the shallows and cold once it got deep. Hikers were Ann-Marie Askew, George Baitinger, Dick Hildreth, Robby Hovis, Jill Hubbard, Daphne James, Craig Weinerman, Mel Zavodsky and J. Scott Hovis, leader.

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