Benson & Tenas Lakes & Scott Mtn.

September 13, 2003

Nine eager hikers left Springfield at 8:00 a.m. and journeyed east on the Old McKenzie Highway to the Scott Lake parking area. We set off about 10:00 a.m., passing Benson and Tenas Lakes, where one member of our party joined us on the trail (she’d gone to the wrong Albertsons and drove herself, catching up with us — such energy!) It was a beautiful, sunny day and very clear. The view of the Three Sisters, south to Diamond Peak, and north all the way to Mt. Hood was awesome. We lunched with the magnificent view and, on the return, stopped at Tenas Lakes for a peek, but no time for a swim. All ten members did the entire 8.2 mile trip. Great company and a stupendous view. Hikers were: John Agnew, Rob Castleberry, Walt Dolliver, Jerry Hawes, Marshall Kandell, Becky Lipton, Joe Neal, Heather van Buskirk, Ann Vandenoneland and Sharon Thomas, leader.

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