Shadow Bay to Klovdahl Bay

September 6, 2003

Left Amazon Park on time under slightly fogy skies, and soon were under sunny skies with forest fire smoke much diminished. Started hike near boat launch area on Shadow Bay, stopping at South Waldo shelter for awhile (no Camp Robbers showed up to sample our snacks); we meandered along the trail picking and eating huckleberries, arriving at the Klovdahl Headgate around 12:00 and sat in shade and ate lunch. One lady braved the cold water and went swimming.

After lunch, resting and taking pictures, we went up over the hill to the west, with Mel as lead man, and down the hill to the site of the tunnel exit — Mel rolled up his pants and waded into the dark tunnel for a distance. After climbing back up the hill we drifted back to Shadow Ray, with two rest stops, and dodging trail bikes all the way.

Upon arriving back at Eugene the skies turned dark and foreboding with storm clouds gathering. It was a beautiful day on Waldo Lake. Waldo Lake meanderers were: Walt Dolliver, Jim Fritz, Maggie Gontrum, Marshall Kandell, Bonnie Manheim, Carol Petty, Dan Robinson, Mel Zavodsky, and Curtis Irish (leader).

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