Silver Creek Falls

August 30, 2003

On August 30, 2003 nine eager hikers met at Amazon Community Center Parking Lot (south end) at 8:00 a.m. The day was very nice and sunny. We headed north on I-5 and stopped at a rest stop for a quick break. We then, again, headed north and exited to 253 onto Hwy 22. We traveled on until we saw the sign to Silver Falls State Park (Hwy 14). It is a gorgeous road winding by nice farms. We parked at the parking lot nearest to the South Falls where we started our hike. The water was lower than I’ve seen before, but the falls (10 in all) still had water falling. We were able to hike the entire loop this year. It was closed last year (near the North Falls) because of a rock slide and some downed trees. It has all been repaired and none of us could tell where there had been any trail maintenance (they had done a very good job)! Everyone enjoyed the hike and we stopped in the Lodge for ice cream. Those who went were D. Lauren Bruyer, Daniele Delaby, Walt Dolliver, Jim Fritz, Annette Girdjian, Marshall Kandell, Bonnie Mainheim, Tina Rain, and Michelle Tambellini, leader.

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