Green Lakes

August 24, 2003

Nine miles is a way to go hiking in the high country but when it is all down hill it adds to the joy of being in the Broken Top/Green Lakes area. From the trailhead at Ditch Crater going around the south end of Broken Top and down the Fall Creek trail from Green Lakes there are awesome vistas the whole way. It does mean a shuttle, driving in on the Todd Lake road (road 370 is no better or worse for years but better in a 4 wheel drive vehicle). Thanks to Frank Halker for getting drivers back to the original trail head. It was a great day, sunshine, blue sky, no smoke and a great group. Hikers were: Walt Dolliver, Donna Halker, Carole Horton, Daphne James, Morgan Kordelka, Cheris Kramarae, Joe Neal, Sharon Thomas, Joanne Vinton, and leader Mary Ellen West.

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