Chucksney Mountain

August 24, 2003

Just one person signed up for this hike. We decided to do it. We met at the Amazon Community Center parking lot, then drove up Hwy 58 to the Aufderheide Road junction. We arrived at the trailhead about 9:30. The weather was fair and warm — fortunately not hot. The flowers and butterflies were long gone. We completed the loop trail around 2:30. We continued our drive north ten Aufderheide Drive and returned to Eugene via Highway 126 around 4:30. Hikers were Lyndell Wilken and Allan Coons, leader. This was Lyndell’s third qualifying hike and she will be joining the Obsidians next month.

Just for fun, the next time I lead this hike we will go clockwise instead of counterclockwise on the loop trail; and I will schedule the hike for July so we won’t miss out on the flowers and butterflies.

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