Olallie Mountain

August 23, 2003

Group met at Amazon Bus Park and off at 8 a.m. on cool and slightly overcast day. Drove by a nearly empty Cougar Reservoir and to Pat Saddle trailhead area. Fewer clouds by now, but still cool. Last minute review of route with copies from Sullivan book and of we go. And did we go. Our visitors/non-Obsidians were keen to go and gave us a good pace; to top by 12:15. Beargrass bloomed out, but some flowers, and lots of bees, in the meadows toward the top. Great views of all the Cascades, few thin clouds on North and Middle Sisters; but no smoke from the B&B combined fires. We all scattered around the old lookout hut and all took a quick tour. Then lunch, water and some map reading, as a new hike for all but leader and Jim Mooney. Enjoyed the sun and views for an hour and then down the trail to cars. Returned to Eugene by 5 p.m. Great group of hikers. Non-Obsidians Marie Ferland and Steve Glasly (visiting from Ellensburg, WA), Ann van den Hanwland, Karen Rayle, Lucy Rayle and Ron Vincent. Was the third qualifying hike for Karen and Ron, both of whom filled our Club applications. Obsidians were Jennifer Baer, Jim Mooney and Mark Perrin (leader).

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