Black Crater

August 17, 2003

Everyone was good about meeting at Amazon Parkway parking lot by 7:50 a.m. The twelve hikers were able to fit into two vehicles thanks to Allan Coons’ van. After making a rest stop at the McKenzie Forest station we were able to start the hike by 10:30 a.m. The weather was perfect. The majority of the hike was shaded by trees and there was a slight cool breeze. The lack of under growth gave a more open feeling to the hike. Anyone who hadn’t been up Black Crater were amazed at the openness or baldness at the top with small trees near by. The Sisters, Broken Top, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, Jefferson, Hood and even Adams could all be seen. It was interesting seeing the land level out to the east with the town of the Sisters in view. Trail was clear and dust was somewhat controlled by some moisture in the soil. The openness in approximately the first mile going down provided interesting views on the way down. Everyone enjoyed the hike and were amazed at the average number of steps the round trip took — provided by Rod Wood’s pedometer. Hikers were: David Coombs (leader), Sabine Dutoit, Jerry Woods, Nola Nelson, Daphne James, Shawn Phelps, David McClury, Allan Coons, Rod Wood, Dick Hildreth, Craig Weinerman, and Jan True.

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