Rosary Lakes

August 16, 2003

Marshall Kandell, Sheila Ward, Joanne Whitfield, Annette Gurdjian, Tom Woxell, Ellen Leinbach, Joanne Ledet, Max Brown, and Pete Peterson joined Chris Cunningham on a 7-mile hike along the mellow Rosary Lakes trail. Enroute, we met a fellow Obsidian who proudly showed us his impressive trout “catch” from the lakes. He warned us about yellow jacket nests at the upper lake, so we decided on an early lunch at the lower lake, with just a walk-by near the upper one. Thankfully, we saw only a few yellow jackets and an occasional mosquito. On this day, the lakes had an exquisite aquamarine tint from the perfectly clear blue skies. Just a few tents and campers dotted the landscape, making the hike an especially peaceful one, round-trip.

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