Crescent Mountain

August 9, 2003

Four of us set out promptly from the 58th and Main Albertsonís at 8:30 for the 70-mile ride to the trailhead, to which we arrived at 10:00 a.m.

Clouds obscured the sun and it was very cool during the first mile or so on the trail. Almost immediately we morphed our normal hiking gait to the Huckleberry Shuffle. That is, we began shifting from one side of the trail to the other in order to harvest the abundant, peak ripe sweet huckleberries that line the first two miles of the trail. Having ate our fill, at least for the time being, we shifted back to a more serious gait and began the 2,000-foot ascent to the top of the mountain. It was good to see that the recent rains had dampened the trail enough to cut out just about all the dust which is normal for this time of the year in the Cascades. Hopefully the fire danger has also been somewhat relieved by the rains.

We arrived at the top about 12:30 a.m. where Curtis Irish, who was researching an alternate route, joined us for lunch and the trip back. When we arrived at the top the sun had broken through the clouds and we were treated to a clear view of most of the Cascade peaks within a hundred miles.

The trip back to the cars was uneventful except for noticing even more huckleberries along the trail, which we promptly ate or collected for our later pleasure.

It was a glorious weather day in the Cascades, and finding the huckleberries ripe and ready for harvest made for a great hike. A very amiable group of hikers were Tom Woxell, Walt Dolliver, Curtis Irish, non-member Howard Kapp on his second hike, and leader Joe Neal.

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