Maiden Peak

July 26, 2003

Despite a fairly warm day for such an ambitious hike, everyone in the group seemed to have no problem making the nearly 3000 foot climb to the top. An early morning start helped, as we climbed in the cooler part of the day, and then descended as it warmed up. Even near the top of the Maiden Peak trail, there are still many large trees and considerable shade. At the summit we could clearly see where the Davis fire had burned and was still smoldering. It’s amazing how much damage one careless camper can do, when the forests are so dry and the temperatures so high.

The very robust group that joined me (Bill Montgomery) were Jane Bartell, Karen Rayle, Mike Milliken, Mel Zavodsky, Norma Bengiat, J.N. (Numa) Lapeyre, Sue Wolling, Peggy Lee Mathis, Beki Ries-Montgomery, and Scott Mathews.

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