Yapoah Crater/Matthieu Lakes

July 22, 2003

From Lava Camp Lake seven intrepid hikers trekked toward Yapoah Crater via Matthieu Lakes amid considerable heat, mosquitos, and smoke from the Clark Fire. Water was the topic of the day. No potty stops required on this trip! At the base of the crater Barbara, Joe, and Maggie opted for a leisurely lunch while Ann-Marie, Dan, Jim, and Sabine “conquered the crater”. The view had to be imagined because of the thick smoky haze. However, the unusual dwarf hulsea were blooming everywhere. On the return trip one member devoured “snowcones” from remnant snowfields even though it was pointed out that she was eating mosquito larvae.

The lure of a “dip” in South Matthieu Lake kept the group slogging through the reflective heat of the lava trail. Ann-Marie, Maggie, and Sabine swam in the lake. At this point 3 miles from the cars, Joe announced that he had two gallons of ice water for us in his car. Like horses heading for a barn we were off and running, ALMOST.

Hikers were: Joe Neal, Maggie Gontrum, Jim Clarkson, Ann-Marie Askew, Dan Christensen, and leaders Sabine Dutoit and Barbara Bruns.

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