Four-in-One Cone

July 13, 2003

This Sunday morning dawned with clouds covering the sky, a welcome respite from recent hot days. Eight of us met at the parking lot en the south side of Leo Harris Parkway which makes a half-circle around Autzen Stadium. We piled into a van and rode up the McKenzie River Valley, stopping at the Ranger Station at McKenzie Bridge. We arrived at the trailhead near Scott Lake about 10:30. The mosquitos were waiting for us. They kept us company, until we reached the lava plain where the wind picked up. The sky continued to be cloudy. We hiked the 4-plus miles to the base of the cone and decided to hike up and have lunch at the top. The clouds by this time had lifted and begun to break up giving us wonderful views of North and Middle Sister, Collier Glacier, the lesser peaks to the southwest and the whole chain of volcanic peaks to the north. We decided not to extend our hike another mile to the lupine meadow. Other than abundant beargrass, we saw few flowers. We hiked down, keeping a move ten hoping to escape at least some of the mosquitos. They managed to leave quite a few welts on us, especially as the repellent began to lose its effectiveness. We arrived back in town around 4:30. Hikers were Benton Elliot, Peter Graham, Kitson Graham, Norma Bengiat, Eban Fodor, Fred Felter, Sam Tracer, and Allan Coons, leader.

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