Browder Ridge

July 12, 2003

Browder Ridge is a great wildflower hike plus so much more. Fifteen of us hiked under distant cloudy but sunny skies through old-growth forests, steep-sloped wildflower meadows, and hillsides of waist-high braken ferns. Rock walls uphill and steep dropoffs downhill added even more variety to the hike. We were treated to views of the Cascade snowpeaks intermittently along the route with a 360 degree grand finale view of the peaks at the top including an obscured view of Mt. Hood. Many thanks to Max for finding the way to the summit after the trail becomes very faint to non-existent near the top. Thanks also to the drivers. Participants were non-members Tom Gould, Karen Myers and Craig Weinerman and members John Agnew, Elliot Aronin, Jennifer Baer, Max Brown, Dan Christensen, Walt Dolliver, Richard Hughes, Ken Kodama, Nora Nicolaidas, Sharon Ritchie and co-leaders Lana Lindstrom and Effie Neth.

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