Blue River Mining District

July 12, 2003

We departed Albertsons in East Springfield on time with all present and picked up two more at Blue River reservoir and headed up the hill on FS Rd. 1510 in a manner calculated to eat the least dust; which was in abundance.

Arriving at a crossroads at the 8 mile post, we made a brief inspection of the site of the Cinderella Claim, then moved down the road and walked down the hill to the Great Northern mine, which was open and the door in ruins. After inspecting the site we drove and walked about 1½ miles to the Ed Odgers mine; but just before we arrived, heavy caliber shooting started nearby and we retreated up over the hill till later, when we hoped that their ammunition would run out and we could return.

The trail to the Rialto Group (Consisting of 4 mines) on the Blue River side of the ridge was next taken, where we saw bear sign in the middle of the trail and shortly spied a hollow tree, but Mr. Bear didn’t appear to be home. A leisurely lunch was eaten at the Rialto Cabin and then it was back up the hill to the cars, where two of our party left for their home in Blue River, haying had enough exercise for the day.

The shooting had stopped when we returned to the old Ed Odgers claim, and the old rustic cabin had survived another winter of snow. Next came the short drive to Quartz Peak that overlooks Gold Hill and the canyon where the Lucky Boy, Treasure and other mines are located.

Last came the trek to Buck Mountain, the former site of an L-4 forest fir lookout and now the site of a radio tower. This concluded our hike, and the explorers were: Laura Brinn, Peter Ferrere, Bob Huntley, Lee Weichselbaum, Mel Zavodsky, and Curtis Irish (leader.)

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