Red Butte

July 12, 2003

On a fine sunny Saturday twelve people hiked twelve miles (round trip) to Red Butte in the Mt. Jefferson wilderness. The Duffy Lake Trail is justifiably popular, passing through fine old forest and climbing gently and steadily to tranquil and scenic mountain lakes. Heavy use makes the trail dusty and easy to follow, but when we came to little Alice Lake the style and pace of the hike changed abruptly. We left the trail at that point and worked our way through the trees and up the ridge to the top of Red Butte. It was an easy adventure in exploration since none of us, including the leader, had been up Red Butte before.

We found sections of user trail as we went up and enjoyed a delightful lunch spot; complete with breeze, great views of the central Cascades and even bits of shade under small trees. After enjoying our picnic and naming Cascade peaks from Hood to Diamond and beyond we picked our way back down the loose (Love that volcanic scree!) slope to the trail below.

The hike back to the cars was warm and enjoyable. We were reminded of how many people use our wild areas. We had the opportunity to practice trail etiquette passing horses (hikers on the down hill side) and to question the etiquette of others. (Is it appropriate to do your target practice a few yards from a busy hiking trail on a fine Saturday afternoon?)

As always, it is a privilege to share the pleasures of our great outdoors with a group of strong, congenial hikers!

Hikers were: Jane Bartell, Wayne Deeter, Peggy Lee Mathes, Evilyn Nagy, Joe Neal, Doug Nelson (leader), Karen Rayle, Chuck Reul, Sandy Reul, Rich Romm, Ruth Romoser, and Tom Woxell.

Red Butte

Three Fingered Jack

Mowich Lake and Duffy Butte

Mt. Jefferson

Leaving the Butte . . .

— photos by Wayne Deeter

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