Washburne Loop

July 12, 2003

Of the five people who had signed up (a sixth name had been crossed off), four (including me) showed up on time (7:50 a.m.) in the south end of Amazon Community Center parking lot at 28th and Hilyard. We had already put our gear in the trunk of my car and were ready to leave when the fifth hiker showed up. Doris and Marshall got out of my car again and into Marshall’s, Barbara stayed in mine, joined by the fifth arrival.

After passing what seemed like a sea of vehicles parked off Hwy. 126 near the Oregon Country Fair we got to the day use area of Washburne State Park, west of 101. Hiking counterclockwise on the beach we had to cross a creek twice due to leader’s inattention (leader got needlessly worried about the bones of the oldest member of the group, an incredibly agile 90 year old Obsidian). We decided to postpone lunch till the observation platform at the beaver pond. Incredibly there were NO MOSQUITOES anywhere during the entire hike! (What does that mean??)

On the way home we stopped at the Gingerbread Village. People had gingerbread with ice cream, a salad, clam chowder that was too thick on chowder and too sparse on clams, and a cold beer for our oldest member (the secret of his stamina?). Afterwards each car left on his own, mine getting back to Eugene around 3 o’clock.

Hikers were: Doris Brown, Marshall Kandell, Ray Mikesell, Barbara Sutherland and Helmut Plant (leader).

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