Cone Peak and Iron Mountain

June 29, 2003

Fifteen of us met at 7:50 at the Autzen Stadium/Alton Baker dog park parking lot. We were to be joined by two mere at the McKenzie Bridge Ranger Station. After introductions we clambered into two vehicles and set off for Highway 126. The morning was fair with a few puffy clouds to the east. The seventeen of us started hiking at about 10 a.m. Our number included two six year old girls, and they and their moms, by prior arrangement with the leader, formed a separate group who hiked to the wild flower meadows then returned to their car and drove back separately to Eugene. Thirteen of us enjoyed not only the wildflowers found beneath the canopy of the old growth forest (trilliums, orchids, false salomons seal, bunchberry, beargrass, columbines, bleeding hearts, vanilla leaf, and numerous tethers) while climbing up to the alpine meadows. There we found paintbrush, larkspur, cats ear tulips, a variety of sedums, skyrockets, lupine, yellow stonecrop, pink penstemon, bluebells and others. The hike loops around the north slope of Iron Mountain while the path goes from sunny to shaded. We reached the open meadows ten the west side of the mountain and hiked up to the lookout building. It was noon, so we had lunch under cloudless skies, and we were cooled by a nice breeze. We completed the loop through a very nice stand of old growth, crossed Hwy 20, and hiked up the Santiam Wagon Road back to our cars. We started our return car trip by 2:00 and arrived back in Eugene around 4:00.

Hikers were: Courtney Hart, Sequoia Hart, Juliana Coons, Charlotte Coons, Steve Schriver, Dick Hildreth, Max Brown, Jenny Cho, Janet Hall, Patty McAfee, Melissa Pohlman, Joanne Ledet, Tom Gould, Betsy Porter, Jason Perrott, Eric Nelson and Allan Coons, leader.

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