Westfir’s Crack-in-the-Ground

June 28, 2003

Three adventurous souls headed for the Aufderheide National Scenic Byway on what promised to be a hot day. After finding the trailhead (no small feat in itself), we soon made our way to the north rim. We went west first, working down the mountainside to a point where we could see that end of the crevasse. As there is no way that I know of to get down from there, we retraced our steps and headed for the east end. Here the trail fades away and you have to keep a sharp eye for the orange ribbons marking the route. We found the east entrance, and went in. It is kind of tricky getting all the way to the bottom. Only leader Bob Huntley climbed down there. Sharon and Danny watched from a perch on a boulder. After resting in the cool bottom air, we made our way back to the car. Joining Bob on this short but challenging hike were non-member Sharon Jones and member Danny Baihuber.

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