Skinner Butte bike path loop

June 17, 2003

Carol Betty, Dick Hildreth and Benette Rauch joined leaders Mary Ann and Tom Holser on a long walk to explore nearby nature in an urban setting. The short walk up Skinner Butte led to splendid clear view of our city, followed by a shady stroll along the Alton Baker Bike Trail to the Greenway Bridge. This being an urban hike we zipped over to the Valley River Food Court for a smoothie, coffee, or our own refreshments. This very warm June day found us on the new Ruth Bascom Bike trail where the sun was merciless and no benches in shade or potties were to be seen. However, the sight of herons, wood ducks, geese and minnows in the streams, the noise of croaking frogs were worth a little discomfort. The trail gives a nice view of Delta Ponds and some lovely condos and their gardens along the river. We envied their shade where we were forbidden to enter. We were glad to see the Owosso Bridge, where we could cross back to some shade. Our little group was very compatible and had a sense of fun. The long sunny loop was a bit tiring to two of us older participants.

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