Brice Creek

June 15, 2003

Nine happy hikers headed 22 miles east of Cottage Grove past Dorena Lake to Brice Creek On June 15, 2003. The day was perfect, except for the unfortunate few who could not discern the proper parking lot at LCC in which to meet for the departure of the trip. The lush forest undergrowth and pounding waters welcomed us as we made tracks along the main trail up the creek, sometimes veering off the trail onto the jumbles Of boulders in the stream bed. The last remnants of white iris and cat’s ears marked Trestle Creek’s upper waterfall trail where we met a wayward Obsidian heading towards us from the opposite direction. Such a joy to see a fellow traveler who could have had even more fun if he would have joined us on our hike!

Hiker were Jens Andersen, Jinny Cho, Kitson and Peter Graham, Dick Hildreth, Ellie Maliner, Virginia Prouty, Tom Woxell, and Becky Lipton, leader.

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