Fuji Mountain

June 14, 2003

The road to the trailhead was blocked by snow and ice, so we had to leave the cars and hike ½ mile to the trailhead. Once there, we were unable to pick up the trail because of snow cover. We were forced to bushwhack up a steep, snowy slope until Mel spotted the trail, which was intermittently visible through the snow. The last ½ half of the trail was completely covered by snow. We navigated by following the blue blaze marks on the trees. The summit was free of snow; we had lunch and enjoyed the 360° view (intermittent through the clouds). Coming down was easy and we picked up Mark and Susannah who had elected not to summit. Hikers included Doug Hintzman, Curtis Irish, Mark and Susannah Lustica, Iwo Lojasiewicz, Rod Wood (leader) and Mel Zavodsky.

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