Coast Yurt Overnight

June 6-7, 2003

Who would participate in two hikes in a day, over night in a Yurt at Honeyman Park and hike on National Trail day, June 7, 2003?? Answer: Five Obsidians, Dave Becker, Wayne Deeter, Benette Rauch, Sharon Ritchie and Gerry Roe.

This group packed and I mean packed into Sharon’s SUV on June 6 to start our two day adventure. We stopped for Gingerbread and ice cream at the Ginger Bread House before heading off to our first, unscheduled hike at Sweet Creek Falls. What a magnificent morning to hike along Sweet Creek; enjoying the song birds and the sound of the water tumbling over the falls and rocks. One lone ouzel hopped/jumped from rock to rock but did not demonstrate its diving ability. Flowers were in varying stages of bloom along the way. We especially enjoyed the bright yellow faces of the monkey flower. After a leisurely up and back we loaded into the car and off we headed for the excitement that awaited us at Honeyman. This inquiring Obsidian is still waiting to know who left the garment in the john at Sweet Creek?

We arrived at Honeyman and the Yurt was ready. We quickly checked out the interior and were gleefully excited. However, it only required three of the five to unlock the door. After unloading our unneeded gear into the Yurt, off we headed for hike number two of the day — Tahkenitch dunes/Threemile Lake. Although the sun vanished as we drove toward Florence, the hike was pleasant with high clouds, faint mist and little wind.

After the hike we drove to Florence and enjoyed a very hearty and tasty meal at Weber’s fish market and restaurant. Back to the Yurt, hot showers and rest (some slept well).

Wayne hit the trail early and explored the surrounding dunes at Honeyman. After coffee and rolls, the group repacked and headed for the Blue Hen for another huge, delicious meal before hiking Cook’s Ridge and Cummins Creek Loop. Mostly high clouds during the hike but we were graced with full sun at a lovely outcropping. Fog continued to obscure our view of the ocean. The beauty of the trees and flowers offset the lack of the ocean. Back to the parking lot, pictures of the group with the trusty American Hiking Society banner. June 7 was National Trails Day and Janet Jacobsen had registered our hike.

We referred to Bill Sullivan’s Oregon Coast hike and travel guide. Thanks to Dave for taking the lead, and Sharon for bringing up the rear. Wayne Deeter for his information on a host of subjects. Benette Rauch had just sent in her request for membership. Gerry Roe organized but was not the leader of the group. Look for a Yurt experience in 2004. We highly recommend this type of camping.

At Sweet Creek

On the dunes

Om, sweet om

Trails day at the yurt

photos by Wayne Deeter

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