Silver Falls State Park

May 29, 2003

Nine hikers (eight members and one former member) met at 8:00 a.m. at the Amazon Community Center. The hikers split up into two cars and headed up I-5 to Silver Falls State Park. We arrived around 10 a.m. in bright sunshine and a temperature that had already reached 70 degrees. We began the hike at the North Falls trailhead and headed down the trail into the canyon for a hike that would include 8 different waterfalls. The immediate and overwhelming impression was of varying shades of green. The trail was surrounded by the fresh spring foliage of ferns, oaks, cedar and many other shrubs and trees. There was also a wide variety of late spring wildflowers. After completing one trek through the canyon by climbing the steep slope at South Falls, the group was more than ready to find a picnic table in the shade by Silver Creek and eat a leisurely lunch Despite the unusual lure of a café complete with espresso and ice cream, after completing lunch the hikers managed to bypass temptation and head back down into the canyon to retrace their steps to North Falls. The hike back gave different angles and perspective on the various falls. Although the temperature hovered in the upper 70’s, unusually high humidity and a lack of breeze down in the canyon, made the hike feel more like a trip through a tropical jungle. Everyone was more than happy that most of the trail was in the shade. A long day of hiking was completed by climbing the steps above North Falls to finally return to the cars at about 4:30 p.m. Both cars made a final pit stop at the South Falls trailhead (and a quick trip to the café for ice cream for several unnamed hikers) before heading back to Eugene. Hikers included Max Brown, Wendy Clarke, Jim Fritz, Kathy Hoeg, Stewart Hoeg (trip leader), Helen Liguori, Lucille Peterson, B. K. Rauch, and Sheila Ward.

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