Lower Lawler & South Willamette trails

May 26, 2003

Lower Lawler and South Willamette Trail combined made for a very pleasant Memorial Day outing 9.5 mile and 2200 foot elevation gain. Eight hikers left Springfield to drive the short distance to Hardesty Mountain. Starting point up Eula Trail and on to the unsigned steep, switch back beginning of Lower Lawler trail. Following the path we ventured through an open clear cut area where weeks earlier the dogwood trees would have been at their peak. Crossing several newly built bridges over lovely meandering creeks we marveled at the lush and very green foliage of oxalis, various types of fern and the foliage of PWF (pretty white flowers). This was an out and back trail to road 5840-531, side road of Patterson Mountain Road.

After returning to Eula Ridge trail, we continued up the mountain a few hundred feet to the junction of South Willamette Trail. This trail runs parallel to Highway 58. We wandered through old growth timber, thickets of large ferns, wind flowers, more oxalis, ginger, vanilla, rhododendrons and a few late iris. The wind blew, birds serenaded the group, slugs and salamanders were out in force. We all enjoyed the beauty of the woods and good company. This hike required a car shuttle, car left at Hardesty trailhead and the others at Eula Ridge. Hikers were Jane Bartell, Arlene Deyo, Sandra Larsen, Tom Woxell, Wayne Deeter assisting leader Gerry Roe. Soon to be member Rita Parks and first time hiker, Lee Parks.

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