Fern Ridge Bike Path

May 21, 2003

Five of us left the parking lot at Staples on W. 11th on a sunny day and walked 6–7 miles on Fern Ridge Bike Path. We saw many flowers shrubs, and trees and heard a lot of bird songs. We tried to identify them with a color coded bird book a member had brought which made it a little easier for us novices. As we walked, we also took time to debate local and world issues and you’ll be glad to hear that we came up with some solutions. We wanted to use public transportation to keep this hike to 6–7 miles and elected to ride the LTD bus back at the end of the trip since we would be tired then; and we certainly were after we had to run the last few blocks to catch the bus. We were thankful the bus driver saw us coming and waited for us. Hikers were Sue Archbald, Gisele Garrity (leader), Sandra Larsen, Joanne Ledet and Rita Parks.

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