Brice Creek

May 21, 2003

Hasn’t everyone already hiked this beautiful trail, so close to Eugene? Apparently not! Only one of our group of ten hikers had done the trail before, so it was fresh and surprising to most of us, and we were blessed by perfect weather — warm and sunny. We hiked from the west trailhead to the east, with a short side trip to Lower Trestle Creek Falls, and made two stops, first to snack and bask in the sun on on the rocks in the middle of the creek and later to lunch in a clearing in the woods. We kept the pace moderate so we could admire the wildlife, but nothing big showed up, only a snail, a small snake, and something tentatively identified as a colony of slime mold (not of great interest to most of the group). We were more successful at spotting wildflowers, though not necessarily at naming them. Skunk cabbage perfumed part of our route. Most of the trail is in excellent condition, though it shows some damage from mountain bikers and natural erosion. At one point on the climb to the lower falls, the trail is seriously eroded, with a steep drop-off on one side. Hikers were JoNel Lefever and Walt Dolliver; Obsidians Beverly Gross, Bob Harrison, Marshall Kandell, Norma Lockyear, Colleen Milliman, and Sheila Ward; and co-leaders Beth Kodama and Sharon Duncan.

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