East Fork Trail

May 17, 2003

Nine of us started out heading for Lowder Mountain even though we all knew the snow level was low. But, heck, it was the middle of May! Ten interesting things happened today:

  1. On 6th and High a car ran a red light and almost hit Joanne’s car,
  2. on the gravel road to Lowder the same car hit ground on some rocks resulting in some unusual noises,
  3. Two miles before the trailhead we encountered 2 inches of snow on the road,
  4. We decided to turn around and head back to the south end of Cougar where we’d seen a trail,
  5. After turning around in the snow, my 4 Runner started making a strange noise. Hoping it would go away I slowly drove on until Helen said “what’s that noise?” Upon stopping, we saw a very flat tire.
  6. Sam and Max quickly changed the tire (in the snow) and we headed down to the trail,
  7. It was really snowing now and we wondered if we’d ever hike,
  8. Back at the parking lot (by the restrooms) we found a trail called “East Fork”. We ate our lunch (it now being 11:30) then began hiking along a river,
  9. We saw lots of wild flowers and moss, crossed the river many times on rocks and bridges all while staying within seeing distance of the river. None of us had ever been on this trail and were glad to discover something new. (Max said finding new hikes was a goal of the Obsidians),
  10. After the hike, my car stopped at Mom’s Pie Shop, then arrived back at South by 4:55. I immediately rushed to Les Schwab’s only to find out they close at 5:00. However, upon hearing my sad story two guys stayed and fixed my tire.

What a day! No wonder in Sullivan’s hiking book it says to hike Lowder in mid June . . . perhaps he just knows his stuff. Hikers were Max Brown, Yuan Hopkins, Marshall Kandell, Joanne Ledet, Helen Liguori, Shawn Phelps, Sam Tracer, Joanne Whitfield and Diane Jeffcott, leader.

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