Successful Red Cross First Aid Class

April 23, 2003

Nineteen trip leaders met at the Lodge on April 23 for a 3½ hour session to learn about wounds, splints, fractures, heat exhaustion and a multitude of other problems. It was the Red Cross First Aid class sponsored by the Summer Trips Committee.

Instructor Richard Schrunk guided us through one emergency after another. There were light moments, lots of questions and answers, and concerns about not being able to call 911 on a wilderness hike. Richard gave common sense suggestions for urban and wilderness situations. We also learned some new uses for duct tape!

Since it is a big commitment of time to attend this class, thanks go to the leaders who gave of their time. Also much appreciated is the Obsidian Board’s support of the Class by paying half of the registration fees.

Participants were John Agnew, Ann-Marie Askew, Peter Asai, Buzz Blumm, Bob Burnett, Dan Christensen, Kathy Hoeg, Janet & John Jacobsen, Beth Kodama, Margaret Prentice, Kathy Riddle, Nola Shurtleff, Beverly & Steve Schriver, Jon Tressler, Thomas Wood, Mel Zavodsky and Chris Stockdale.

Jan Jacobsen

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