Gillespie Butte

April 4, 2003

Mt. June, which had been scheduled, was canceled due to inclement weather conditions in that area. From Barnes and Nobel at Valley River area, seven very flexible and water repellent hikers tramped to Gillespie Butte (featured 4-3-03 in the Register-Guard). Although an urban outing, we found buttercups, shooting stars and spotted lilies at the small private cemetery. Also at the cemetery we found numerous headstones depicting family names that have been memorialized in street names. On our return, we wandered through quite mature neighborhoods to Goodpasture Road, then back to Valley River via various bike paths. Along the way a goose had apparently evicted an osprey from its nest. Springtime has finally arrived as we witnessed one mother goose with several hatchlings in tow. Hikers were: Sue Archbald, Max Brown, Dan Christensen, Helen Liguori, Lana Lindstrom, Anne Montgomery and Richard Hughes, leader.

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