Tire Mountain Trail Maintenance

June 21, 2003

With ideal weather conditions for working out of doors, comfortably cool with mixed sun, overcast and occasional light spritzes of rain, four pragmatically dedicated individuals continued the trail work on the Tire Mountain trail off FS 1910 near West Fir. Jim Pierce, Tom Woxell, the omnipresent Wayne Deeter. and trail outing leader, Peter Asai spent five hours widening trail, brushing, rerouting trail and filling holes. The wild flower meadows along the Alpine Trail were exceptionally dry, not up to their usual standard of showy carpets of Alpine thrift, larkspur and monkey flower. However, the Tire Mountain trail was beautiful as ever, with luxuriant carpets of Starry False Solomon’s Seal and Sorrel. Bigroot (marah oreganus) was abundant, as was sitka valerian, columbine, indian paintbrush and many other wildflowers. A lot was accomplished in improving this delightful trail to the great satisfaction of the Obsidian work crew.

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