Camp Nelson success the result of hard work

Camp Nelson, held in the Wallowa Mountains and located on the banks of the Imnaha River, was a great success as a result of the tremendous volunteer efforts by so many wonderful Obsidians. With the exception of our paid cook and cook’s assistant, all of the “workers”, who contributed their time and effort into making this Camp run smoothly, were volunteers.

Summer Camp planning was a year-long process. Last September, Don Doerr, Pat Adams, John Jacobsen and Rick Ahrens traveled to the Wallowa National Forest to scout out a location for the camp, and to explore some of the potential hikes. Coverdale Campground, with its running water, five onsite bathrooms, and proximity to the Imnaha River and its famous trout, became the unanimous choice.

Once the campsite was selected, volunteers were recruited to fill the multitude of job responsibilities required for Camp. The first core group of volunteers included: Pat Adams, Assistant Chair; Sharon Ritchie, Treasurer and registration; John Jacobsen, Loading and Camp set-up/take-down; Lana Lindstrom and Effie Neth, Food planning, procurement and coordination; John Agnew and Jim Clarkson, Equipment planning and repair; Ivan Vandeberg, Camp utilities, sanitation, garbage and trash; Royal Murdock, Camp booklet.

As the months progressed, additional volunteers were recruited to help out in other important areas of the Camp:

Food — Janet Jacobsen, Feeding of set-up crew with help from Gloria Gunderson. Melody Clarkson, Dining facilities manager, who was responsible for the oversight of all the various dining and dishwashing duties. Ed Lichtenstein, Oversaw lunches, with evening preparations handled by Ann Lichtenstein and Ann Bonine; morning prep handled by Jim and Sharon Duncan; and lunch clean-up handled by Norma Lockyear. Barbara Bruns and Ardys Ringsdorf, Responsible for the a.m. and p.m. meal servers, respectively. Sylvia Harvey and Dan Christiensen, Responsible for a.m. and p.m. table set-up and clearing, respectively. Richard Hughes and Ann-Marie Askew, Always kept the water boiling and coffee available for the morning and evening meals. Dawn and Keith Newsom, Evening dishwashing. Ellen and Steve Johnson, Morning dishwashing.

Equipment — John Agnew, Upon his return from 2002 Summer Camp, he began exploring ways to improve our kitchen trailer and make it safer to load and unload, Jim Clarkson took over from John Agnew during the winter and continued to work on the trailer repairs. Jim and Max Brown also worked on our stoves to make them more functional. Jim decided to rent a pickup to pull our kitchen trailer, rather than having the Penske truck pull it. This worked very well, and we will continue to do this in the future.

Truck Loading/Unloading at the Lodge — John Jacobsen headed up this task. He was helped by Pat Adams, Ann-Marie Askew, Max Brown, Barb Bruns, Bob Burnett, Dan Christensen, Jim Clarkson, Wendy Dame, Wayne Deeter, Don Doerr, Sharon & Jim Duncan, Gloria Gunderson, Cork Higgins, Richard Hughes, Jan Jacobsen, Diane & George Jeffcott, Ellen & Steve Johnson, Ken Kodama, Lana Lindstrom, Norma Lockyear, Sharon Ritchie, Ivan Vandeberg, Charlie Van Deusen, Kieran Walsh and Ethel Weltman.

Camp Set-up and Take-down — John Jacobsen also headed up this area of responsibility. Besides John, the Camp set-up crew consisted of Pat Adams, Max Brown, Donald Burton, Leif Burton, Melody & Jim Clarkson, Wendy Dame, Wayne Deeter, Don Doerr, Gloria Gunderson, Richard Hughes, Bob Huntley, Jan Jacobsen, Lana Lindstrom, Chris Minarich, Effie Neth, Ivan Vandeberg, Ardemis & Kieran Walsh, and Ethel Weltman. Those who stayed at the end of Camp and helped with the take-down and loading of the truck and trailer were Pat Adams, Rick Ahrens, Ann-Marie Askew, Don Bienvenue, Buzz Blumm, Max Brown, Barb Bruns, Dan Christensen, Jim & Melody Clarkson, Mary Croson, Wendy Dame, Wayne Deeter, Don Doerr, Sharon & Jim Duncan, Fred Felter, Shirley Froyd, Glenn Gordon, Sue Gordon, Carolyn & Cork Higgins, Richard Hughes, Bob Huntley, Jan Jacobsen, Diane & George Jeffcott, Ray Jensen, Vi Johnson, Ellen & Steve Johnson, Marilyn Kerins, Lana Lindstrom, Norma Lockyear, Anne Dhu McLucas, Colleen Milliman, Doug Nelson, Effie Neth, Dawn & Keith Newsom, Carol Petty, Ardys Ringsdorf, Carol Scherer, Beverly & Steve Schriver, Mark Slipp, Chris Stockdale, Ivan Vandeberg, Ardemis & Kieran Walsh, Ethel Weltman and Mel Zavodsky.

Caravans to and from the Camp — Our Penske truck driver was Bob Huntley, who drove the entire way to and from Eugene. Other members of the Caravan to the Camp were Jan & John Jacobsen, Ethel Weltman & Pat Adams and Chris Minarich. The Caravan headed back to Eugene after Camp consisted of Wendy Dame & Don Doerr, Ethel Weltman & Pat Adams, Bob Huntley and Chris Minarich, who was dropped off at a rest area just outside of Portland.

Other individuals helped throughout the week in different capacities. Janet Jacobsen and Marilyn Kerins, entertainment; Ethel Weltman and Ardemis Walsh helped out in our evening social; and Chris Grandy, Glen Gordon, Anne Dhu McLucas and Roy Lisi were our song leaders. Ivan Vandeberg, besides overseeing Camp clean-up he also kept the propane tanks filled. Sharon Ritchie lined up Camp Buddies, and helped arrange carpools to Camp. Jane Hackett updated our first-aid kits and prepared a list of local emergency facilities. Ethel Weltman and Ardemis Walsh greeted new arrivals into Camp, and got them pointed in the right direction. Rick Ahrens handled the recycling at the Camp, and also headed up the Botany Table. Beth & Ken Kodama kept our trip sign-up board updated and looking neat.

We want to especially thank the 34 campers who took the time to lead the 41 hikes at the Camp: Pat Adams, Rick Ahrens, Ann-Marie Askew, Mike BeBout, Norm Benton (2), Barb Bruns, Dan Christensen, Jim Clarkson (2), Melody Clarkson (2), Wendy Dame, Wayne Deeter, Don Doerr, Jim Duncan, Fred Felter, Kitson Graham, Chris Grandy (3), Glenn Gordon, Scott Hovis, Jan Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Diane Jeffcott, Ellen Johnson, Steve Johnson (3), Lana Lindstrom (2), Roy Lisi, Anne Dhu McLucas, Effie Neth (2), Beverly Schriver, Chris Shuraleff (2), Mark Slipp, Leila Snow, Chris Stockdale (2), Ivan Vandeberg (2), and Margaret Wiese (2).

Litter patrol on the last day was handled by Cecile Blumm, Andrew Blumm, Madeline Blumm, Madelinn Schriver, Brennan Hackett, Madison Hackett and Genevieve Bienvenue.

We really appreciated being able to get out of Camp to do some hiking ourselves, or to be able to drive to Halfway to buy needed essentials at the local market, or fill the potable water container. This was made possible by having volunteer Camp Bosses take over the Camp for a day in our absence. These included Melody & Jim Clarkson, Ardemis & Kieran Walsh, Rick Ahrens, Lenore & John McManigal, Joella & Jack Ewing, and Janet & John Jacobsen.

And we want to thank all of you, who have not been named but who attended Camp and were assigned two or three tasks and performed these duties well and with a smile on your faces. This helped our Camp run smoothly and efficiently. And, for anyone else, whose name was not included on these pages and should have been, we apologize for the omission.

Now, as we continue to wrap things up for this year, we begin to turn our sights toward the 2004 Obsidian Summer Camp. We will keep you posted!

— Wendy Dame and Don Doerr, Co-Chairs, 2003 Summer Camp

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