Camp Nelson Roster

Pat Adams, Rick Ahrens, Ann-Marie Askew, Mike BeBout, Norm Benton, Donald and Genevieve Bienvenue, Buzz, Cecile, Andrew and Madeline Blumm, Ann Bonine, Max Brown, Barb Bruns, Bob Burnett, Donald and Leif Burton, Linda Cheney, Dan Christensen, Jim and Melody Clarkson, Mary Croson, Wendy Dame, Wayne Deeter, Don Doerr, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Joella and Jack Ewing, Fred Felter, Bea Fontana, Shirley Froyd, Glenn and Sue Gordon, Peter and Kitson Graham, Chris Grandy, Gloria Gunderson, Jane, Brennan and Madison Hackett, Sylvia Harvey, Cork and Carolyn Higgins, Yuan Hopkins, J. Scott Hovis, Richard Hughes, Bob Huntley, Jan and John Jacobsen, Diane and George Jeffcott, Ray Jensen, Vi Johnson, Ellen and Steve Johnson, Catherine Jones, Marilyn Kerins, Beth and Ken Kodama, Anne and Ed Lichtenstein, Lana Lindstrom, Roy Lisi, Norma Lockyear, Joe Lowry, Ann Dhu McLucas, John and  Lenore McManigal, Steve and Christine McManigal, Colleen Milliman, Chris Minarich, Beki and Bill Montgomery, Marilyn and Royal Murdock, Doug Nelson, Effie Neth, Dawn and Keith Newsom, Barbara and Donald Payne, Carol Petty, Chuck and Sandy Reul, Peter Rial, Jean Ridone, Ardys Ringsdorf, Rich Romm, Ruth Saunders, Carol Scherer, Beverly, Madelinn and Steve Schriver, Chris Shuraleff, Mark Slipp, Leila Snow, Chris Stockdale, Gene Thaxton, Ivan Vandeberg, Charlie Van Deusen, Marilyn Waff, Ardemis and Kieran Walsh, Sheila Ward, Margaret Wiese, Ethel Weltman, Vikki Williams and Mel Zavodsky.

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