Diamond Peak

July 26, 2003

A Diamond Peak climb. The hoped for and the expected, both realized. Great weather and lots of mosquitos. Cross country from Marie Lake goes north, then angles right to hit the desired ridge crest for the easiest route. (Easiest doesn’t mean easy.) Somewhere up there we hit a tape line marking the way. I have an attitude about this sort of thing. If you need to befoul the area with marker tape to find your way up or down, you shouldn't be there. All of the climbers made it to the summit, plus or minus five hours. Ideal summit weather, mile with little wind, but quite smokey to the north from forest fires. Leisurely pace down, with an optional swim or wade at Marie Lake. It was a very pleasant day with a great group. Was especially proud of Colleen. This was her second mountain and nicely done. (No, I will not add an age comment.) Climbers were: Danny Baihuber, Larry Dunlap, Daniel Hagen, Greg Milliman, Colleen Milliman, Tom Woxell, and Ed Lovegren, leader.

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