Fay Lake

December 29, 2002

Fay Lake from Maxwell SnoPark is beyond a beginner trip. It’s more like 8 miles. It’s on logging roads except for a mud section on a trail over a ridge. So we did not get to Fay Lake. But we did have a good ski day with decent weather and snow. After the trip was over I drove three miles past Maxwell SnoPark to Big Meadow Rd., which is the road that leads to Fay Lake. The transportation dept. does dig out a small parking area there. For people who want an easy trip, start at Big Meadow Road.

Skiers were: Elliot Aronin, Bev Halter, Bob Huntley, Royal Murdock, Carol Petty, Janet Reed, Mark Slipp, Chris Stockdale, Clare Tucker, Chuck Wagar, Craig Wenerm, and Jane Hackett, leader.

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