Crescent Lake Ski/Snow shoe Trip

December 25, 2002

It was a glorious Christmas Day in the mountains! We had planned on exploring Crescent Lake, but there was only an inch of snow there, so instead, we skied and snow shoed on the Waldo Lake Road. It was a spectacular alternative! Like Crescent Lake, usually, it’s a place to be avoided because it’s a popular snowmobile route. However, we only saw 5-6 of them. The snow was like velvet, the sun was shining and the two way radios worked—what more could we ask for.

There were 4 snow shoers and 5 skiers. The skiers soon left the shoers in our snow dust, even going uphill. When we stopped for lunch, with the use of the crackling radios, we were able to figure out that the shoers were about 40 minutes behind. We gauged our distance accordingly and several skiers continued up to Bobby Lake. Amazingly, all of us arrived back at the cars within 5 minutes of each other. The skiers went about 11 miles and the snow shoers about 7. The radios were very handy indeed!

Enjoying this glorious day in Oregon were: Rick Ahrens, Yuan Hopkins, Richard Hughes, Joshua Ladau, Helen Liguori, Effie Neth, David West, Sue Wolling, and Lana Lindstrom, leader.

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