Ikenick SnoPark/Belknap Hot Springs

December 19, 2002

Thursday’s (Dec. 19, 2002) outing to Ikenick Sno-Park had various “firsts” connected with it:

  1. It was my first winter trip (that week had been the first real snowfall)
  2. For one of the snowshoers, Susiana Dewi, an LCC student of English from Indonesia, it was the first time in her life that she saw and touched snow.
  3. For Kathie and Gordon Dorn’s pickup it was the first outing with a new device (called “Spider” something) on its wheels that will let you mount chains in 15 seconds . . . except Gordon didn’t need it. He didn’t even have to put it in 4-wheel drive, as route 126 had only a thin, sanded snowpack, at least up to Ikenick Sno-Park, our destination.
  4. For John Hudson, a stalwart Obsidian, this may have been his shortest Obsidian winter outing, yet he carried what looked like an expedition pack. He decided not to put his snowshoes on and walked in his boots instead.

So here we were, a party of five laying down three kinds of track in the foot-deep new, fluffy snow: John’s boot tracks, my x-c ski tracks, and the snowshoe tracks left by Gordon, Kathie and Susiana. Speaking of tracks, we not only saw deer tracks but a small deer herd halfway up a former clear cut. It took us one hour to cover the mile to our lunch spot, a log, but only 45 minutes to return. The first-timers were making progress! On the way home we stopped twice: once at Belknap Hot Springs Resort, then at a new place: Finn Rock Grill, on the recommendation of the waitress at the Rustic Skillet since the Rustic Skillet was going to close in 5 minutes (Monday-Friday they close at 2PM). Good thing, too, as the Village Cafe (aka Mom’s Pies) was also closed! Susiana and I had a cup of chili ($2.95), Gordon a beer, Kathie French onion rings, and John water. Back in Eugene at 3:45, 15 minutes past the time promised on the signup sheet. ---Helmut Plant, leader

No snowmobiles allowed :-)

So far so good . . .

After one mile: lunch!

White diamonds in the snow

In the hot pool

---photos by Helmut Plant

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