Ridgeline Trail/Spencers Butte

December 15, 2002

HIGH WIND WARNING, STORM WATCH, HEAVY RAIN. Real obsidians don’t blink an eye when confronted with the realities of winter in Oregon—the trip must go on. And so it was that after a cancellation the night before, an early morning cancellation and two no-shows at the parking lot, three of the seven original signups ventured out from the end of Spring Blvd, but not before parking our car well clear of any trees that might easily crush it in a fall. It was a bit muddy going as we headed up toward the top of Baldy on the Ridgeline Trail and things were dicey on the steep decent to Dillard Road. A quick march along Dillard put us back on the Ridgeline Trail and on to Fox Hollow, resolute in the face of the all the ominous warnings. Onward and upward we marched, across Fox Hollow, just 2.5 miles to go to our goal. Climbing onto the rock ridge on the east side of Spencers Butte, the wind had a straight shot at us and as we reached the summit two hours after leaving the trail head, it rattled our Gortex. Of course, this minor detail did not prevent us from having a well deserved lunch break while enjoying crystal clear views, below the overcast, to the Cascades.

A 15 minute break and it was back on the trail for a quick return trip to the car. As if ripped from the pages of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, we were able to claim that on a four hour hike in the midst of an Oregon winter storm, we had hit a window in which not a drop of rain fell. Exercised, exhilarated and dry after such a wonderful hike at our own backdoor were Dick Hildreth, John Hudson and leader John Jacobsen.

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