Trestle Creek Falls

December 14, 2002

When asked to lead a winter hike, I’d decided on Trestle Creek Falls because it’s one of my favorite close-to-home hikes—actually the first trip I’d taken with Obsidians last February as well as where I take out-of-town visitors who want a taste of accessible wilderness without driving very far. Although only Dave Becker had signed up before the day of the hike, four other Obsidians joined us when I announced the hike that morning at the lodge where we had gathered to kick-off the winter trips. Bob Huntley hadn’t planned to hike that morning, so we promised to share our water with him. It was a relatively warm, overcast morning, and it drizzled off and on, starting to rain just before we returned to our vehicles after hiking the loop counter-clockwise. John Mowat acted as our “sweep.” I think he did so to keep us from commenting when he took out his umbrella once it started to rain hard! The trail was in pretty good shape, considering the recent rains. We had to climb over some small downed branches, but nothing dramatic. Getting into the woods and hiking up a steep hill on a drizzly December morning would have been satisfying even without the reward of viewing the two magnificent waterfalls. Jim and Sharon Duncan were the other two last-minute participants. Leader: Ann-Marie Askew

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