Diamond Peak

May 11, 2002

This year’s heavy snow pack had made road access into the Diamond peak area impossible until late in the season. This trip had been postponed twice already, so it was going to happen either on May 11 or not this year. We were able to drive fairly close to the Corrigan lake trailhead before being halted by snow on the road. This forced us to start from a 4,500 foot elevation instead of 4,900 feet as hoped for. That morning the snow was fairly firm so we found traveling in our boots easier than ascending on skis. Once above the tree line we found that we were on a ridge just north of the west ridge that we had intended to climb. This northwest ridge had steep flanks and was a bit more challenging than expected. Mindful of the time, we decided to forgo the true summit and instead stopped at the 8,300 foot false summit at the top of the ridge.

We started the descent around 2 pm. By then, the sunny weather had softened the snow to the point that turns were nearly effortless. Three of us were on telemark gear and one had randonee skis. Everyone skied well. We blasted down the 40 degree slope to the tree line. The forest in this area is quite open, allowing very enjoyable but still challenging skiing. Eventually the snow became too thin and we had to complete the last mile or so on foot.

We had a bit of trouble getting the car out through a stretch of snowy road but soon we were headed back home after a very fine day. Our group included Steve Goins (leader), Van Likes, John Hegg and Michael Madans.

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