Kentucky Falls/Sweet Creek Falls

March 31, 2002

This was the kind of hike where you had to expect the unexpected. It started out with 28 people showing up for a hike to Kentucky Falls on Easter Sunday. Who would have thought! But we found enough rides for all the people and off we went, stopping at Whittaker Camp Ground for a pit stop. While there, one of our members took off for about 10 minutes to jump-start the car of a lady who just happened to be walking down the road in search of a Good Samaritan. The trip to Kentucky Falls area was uneventful until we got within about a mile of the trailhead. At that point we were stopped in our tracks as the road was completely blocked by an extensive tree blowdown, probably caused by the Feb. 7th windstorm. It was quite an impressive sight, but also discouraging, as it was readily apparent we were not going to get to the Kentucky Falls trailhead. Plan B was quickly devised and that was hiking Sweet Creek Falls instead. Thanks to Stewart Hoeg for leading us through the backcountry to Sweet Creek Falls. Everyone was quite disappointed we could not hike Kentucky Falls but fortunately the weather was absolutely perfect and everyone enjoyed the short but scenic walk along Sweet Creek. The trillium were blooming and there were signs of many more wildflowers about to blossom. My thanks to Yuan Hopkins and Helen Ligouri who assisted me on the hike. Non-Obsidian hikers were Arlene Ashcraft, Janet Ashcraft, Leila Bull, Cynthia Cooper, Lyn Dahlstrom, Jack Hawley, Kathy Hoeg, Stewart Hoeg, Tamara Johnson, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Rean Pupke and Marian Stuart. Obsidian hikers included Anne Bonine, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Fred Felter, Mary Ann Holser, Tom Holser, Yuan Hopkins, Ellen Hopkins, Beth Kodama, Ken Kodama, Helen Ligouri, Mavis Mate, Lucile Peterson, Barb Sutherland, Melvin Zavodsky and Joanne Ledet, Leader.

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