Snow Creek

March 24, 2002

It’s a long, but always worthwhile, drive to the Three Creek Lake ski area, near Sisters. Initially the snow was a bit icy, but as the sun occasionally broke through the clouds, the snow softened. There was a little bit of new snow to cover the worst hardpack. Back in the Willamette Valley it was dark and rainy, so even the partly overcast conditions at Snow Creek were a welcome change. Coming down the hilly, curvy Snow Creek trail after lunch was a bit of a challenge given the snow conditions, but somehow we all managed to get down safely. I think we all had a bruise or two from all the falling, though. And there were no conflicts with snowmobiles — though a few snowmobilers had illegally cruised the first part of the Snow Creek trail. So it was another fun day in the snow. Joining me (Bill Montgomery) were Fred Felter, John Hudson, Bob Huntley, Steve and Tamara Johnson, Kevin McManigal, Mark Slipp and Christine Stockdale.

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