Horse Creek Trail - Cape Mountain

March 23, 2002

All that signed up, and three that called me, arrived on time at SEHS. With that, we took off for Florence and our hike destination, Horse Creek trail head. The trail had just been cleaned up by the Forest Service. It should be in great shape for our hike. This is a visitors trail, because there are maps at all junctions, showing the trail system and where you are. One can hike up to 14 miles or get off the trail when ever one wants a short hike. We had taken the long outside trail which had some great views of the ocean, the Siuslaw River and South Jetty and a short view of Sutton and Mercer Lakes. This trail follows the ridge to the highest point, Cape Mountain Memorial Lookout, where at one time once could see a 360 degree view but now only west to the sea. Continuing down into Berry Creek drainage to another fine view of the ocean, crossing Berry Creek, we began to go up, and they say this is a moderate trail. The fog began to push the sun away and rain was imminent. A little rest, a visit with a couple of ladies with their horses and dog companion (they are volunteers for the forest service), and we were on our way home. Then it rained. This was a great group of folk to hike with. It reminded me of the Surviors. Max Brown, Dan Christensen, Margie Cooney, Cynthia Cooper, George Kenyle, Patty MacAfee, Sig Otto, L. Snow, Heiner Wagener, John Yu, and Rebecca Hansen, leader.

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