Arrowhead Lake

March 14, 2002

The late start strategy was a partial success — the three of us only had to break trail for a mile or so. With more than a foot of wonderful new snow, there was some question as to whether or not we could make our goal of reaching Arrowhead Lake. We took turns breaking trail up the road towards the Bechtel shelter. Larry Schulze and Charlie Van Deusen did most of the work, as I had made the mistake of trying to use my new, waxed skis. I still have no clue as to what magic combination of kick waxes to use! We also had some help from an RG worker and his partner.

After losing track of the wooden diamonds that mark the trail in the wilderness, GPS and compass led us to the PCNST. There we found that the trail had already been tracked from Pengra Pass, and on deeper into the wilderness. We stopped for a late, one o'clock lunch at Midnight Lake, where we were harassed by the usual gang of Camp Robbers. We then proceeded on, as trail had already been broken. About a quarter mile from Arrowhead we met up with our benefactors — Obsidians John Mowat, Dick Hildreth and Mark Slipp — who had fortunately decided on the same destination that day. Thanks Guys!

After a short snack in the sun, we headed back out the PCNST, going out via Pengra Pass instead of the Bechtel road. I took up the rear again, after having tired myself sliding around on slippery skis on the way up, finding new ways to commune with the snow and tree wells. Many thanks to Charlie and Larry for their trail breaking efforts, and for putting up with me. — Jester, Wayne Deeter.

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